Your experience doesn’t stop once you’ve completed your program.

So, you’ve just completed a mentorship with Wayahead. Congratulations! We know that your experience has been a positive one. Now that you’ve completed your mentorship, what are you hoping to do?

Do you have goals that you want to achieve in your chosen profession? The answer is, “Yes, you do.” Now that you’ve had time to learn the ins and outs of the industry that you want to enter, it’s time to find the very first job that launches your career. You can take all that you learned from your mentor and apply it in a real-life setting to further your success.

What a Mentorship with Wayahead Provides You With Professionally

Now that you’ve been given a distinct advantage by learning the ins and outs of your chosen career field, it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use. Below, you’ll find ways that you’ll use what you learned from your mentor and make them part of your daily routine. You never know who you will inspire in the process.

Here are some of the things to take away from your mentorship with Wayahead:

  • The ability to discern whether a working environment is right for you. After working with your mentor to learn more about the industry you’re planning on working within, you’re capable of deciding which work scenarios are the best for you. You know which opportunities to seek and which to avoid.
  • Ways to encourage and facilitate conversation in the workplace. How you communicate with others in your place of employment matters. It helps you communicate ideas and needs as well as learn about others and what they require from you.
  • Learning how to grow as a person by focusing on your strengths. Everyone is good at something. By learning what you’re able to do well, you can continue to strengthen these traits and skills so that you’re more of an asset to your employer and workplace.
  • Helping others find what they’re good at by becoming a leader. Companies are looking for people to be in charge. Even if you’re not comfortable with becoming the CEO, you can learn to lead small circles of work colleagues as a way of becoming better at what you do.

There are plenty of tools and skills that you’ll be able to implement in your career now that you’ve completed a mentorship program with Wayahead. Your mentor provided you with insight into the career field you planned on entering. They gave you the ins and outs and provided you with insider knowledge that helped them because of successful professionals themselves.

Pass on the Knowledge and Skills That You’ve Learned to Your Mentee

You have the opportunity to share your experience with someone like you now. You can sign up to mentor someone curious about the type of work that you do. Emulating your mentor’s style of instruction, you, too, can guide a young person first entering the working world. All you need to do is show a willingness to mentor and sign up for a mentor account on Wayahead.