Did you know that the average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime? According to data gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men tend to stay with the same company for a total of 4.3 years while women stick around for four years. The reasons stated for leaving the workplace were opportunities to earn higher pay, receive better benefits and incentives, chances to work in different geographic locations, lowering stress levels, and achieving better work/life balance.

As someone who has carefully weighed the pros and cons of the profession that you’ve chosen to seek, that data can be sobering. After all, did you devote your high school career and first years of college to be wrong about your career path? What if you could eliminate some of the whys that come with participating in the working world?

Would you be willing to do what it takes to land a mentorship with someone who wants to share their experiences with you? If the answer is “Yes,” Wayahead will benefit you. The mentoring app for mentors and mentees is available for download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play today. It’s personalized based on your career goals and experiences.

How Wayahead Works

Want to know how Wayahead works? We’ll walk you through the process to make it easier for you. There are several steps that you’ll take to become a member of the platform and connect to mentors in many different industries.

Create an interest-based profile.

Let the community know what you want to learn about and which professions you’re most interested in exploring. The more detailed you are in filling out your profile, the better options you’ll have to choose from once you use the app.

Select a mentor you’d like to connect with online.

Pick someone whose leadership matches your interests. You’ll want to be compatible so that you both benefit from the interaction.

Get a to-do list from your mentor to start working on today.

Don’t hesitate to start learning from your mentorship right away. Mark items off the list as you complete them as a way of facilitating self-development.

Speak to other members of the community, mentors, and mentees to gain insight.

The more you interact with others through the app, the better opportunities await you for growth. People will get to know you and your goals, which could help you professionally.

Earn badges and reputation points based on your level of engagement.

It’s an honor that you can add to your resume and use it to create networking opportunities in the future. A mentor can serve as a reference for you once you do complete school and start looking for work in your chosen profession.

Why It’s Beneficial for You to Receive MentorshipThe average college student spends four years and over $100,000 searching for the perfect career. What if you could, without a shadow of a doubt, save yourself the heartache of going down a career path that didn’t work out well for you? With Wayahead, you gain valuable insight into the industry that you want to work in from professionals who made their passions their careers. You’ll receive the guidance and support needed to validate your decision and help you shape your own opinions about the profession that you’ve wanted to be a part of to date.