Before you choose to pursue a college degree, there are things that you’ll want to do to prepare for life outside of high school. Among the most important is to research career fields that interest you. That way, you’re able to narrow your choices to two to three majors and even discover a minor that you want to pursue at the college that you want to attend. Learning about the different requirements of the degrees that you’re interested in helps you avoid taking the wrong classes or spending money on higher education only to get a job that doesn’t require a degree.

Both can be problematic for you. Having guidance throughout the selection process is the key to your success. Reaching out to your school’s career counselor is always an excellent option. Signing up to be mentored is another option that has favorable results as it allows you to get an insider’s view of what it’s like to work in a specific industry or career field. 

Know What You Want to Do for a Living Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Before you decide on a career path, take some time to get to know the industry better. The sooner you get started, the better. You’ll have more time to change your mind and still get your prerequisites and college applications filled out. You won’t lose valuable scholarships, either, because of your indecisiveness. 

Here are some of the things you should do now before choosing a college degree:

  • Write down your talents and interests. They are often the things you’re most passionate about and could potentially lead to an excellent career for you.
  • Speak to your career counselor about what you need to do to prepare for college. They’ll let you know which classes to take and extracurriculars to participate in while in high school.
  • Start your mentorship. Learn from an expert in the career fields of your choice.
  • Fill out your college and scholarship applications to see where you get accepted. Go where you’ll get the most financial assistance and support.
  • Choose the best college for you and enroll. Get ready to take classes in the industry of your choice.

Before choosing a college degree, make sure that you seek the guidance of someone working in the industry. Signing up to be a Wayahead mentee is among the easiest ways of knowing that you’ve done things right when selecting a degree to pursue. You’ll learn more about the ins and outs of your chosen career, and be able to avoid many of the pitfalls that young people encounter when they haven’t properly researched an industry.

Download and Start Using the Wayahead App TodayTo get started on your career search, sign up for Wayahead and download the app to your phone. You can then start searching for mentors to work with right away. You’ll get a feel for how different industries work, the best ways to find companies to work with within an industry, and even tips that makes you stand out in a crowd. By the time you’re done with the experience, you’ll be thrilled that you decided to become a mentee because of how much time and effort it saved you in your pursuit for the perfect career.