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Let’s work together to build your future!

Whether your goal is to be a doctor, a pilot, or something in between, wayahead has you covered. 

Our app takes the guesswork out of planning for your future, saving you time and money, by connecting you with mentors living the life you aspire to have. 

Many young adults spend 4 years and over $100k for education and training before they realize they’re on the wrong path. 

What can you do with wayahead?

Get personalized advice based on your personal goals and interest

Gain access to a network of mentors from all walks of life


Choose different mentors to gain perspective and discover new possibilities

How does wayahead work?

Our platform makes it super easy to connect mentors with mentees. You no longer need to commit hours a week to build relationships. Here are some key features for our mentees:

Create a profile based on your interests

This could be anything. A school, company, or a passion of yours you’d like to turn into a career. Your profile is used to connect you with potential mentors who have the experience you’re looking for, and if your goals and interests change, simply change your profile.

Search for mentors

Reach out to as many mentors as you’d like and start building your future. You can search by school, company, industry and everything in between

Get assigned a todo list by your mentor to help guide you

Mentors can create assignments to help you organize your research process. Whether it’s reading an article, writing down your goals, or something in between, these todo lists help you reach your goals.

Ask questions to our community of mentors and mentees and get the answers you need

Leveraging community knowledge is another thing you can do on wayahead. Ask questions and get answers from mentors and other mentees who have come across the answer in their research.

Earn badges and reputation points for engaging with our community

The more you use wayahead, the more points and badges you earn. These points are tied to cool giveaways, amazing events, and so much more.

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