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Mission & Vision

At wayahead, we believe there’s a smarter way of doing things. Teens & young adults shouldn’t have to figure life out alone, which is where we come in.  Our goal is to create a community centered on sharing knowledge and empowering future generations to make smart decisions.

Problem worth solving

“What do I want to be when I grow up?”

That’s a question we all have to answer at some point in our lives, and our answer is bound to change. Choosing a life path is hard, especially when we feel pressured by what we’re told in school and the expectations set by our family and friends.

These external pressures make it hard for us to make our own decisions. In school, we’re told college is the only route to success. Our junior and senior years in high school are spent studying for standardized tests to make sure we’re accepted into the best schools. We write countless admissions essays without asking ourselves if it’s what we want for our lives. As a society, we’ve tied self-worth to alma mater. 

To add to this, we try to live up to our family’s expectations. We never want to disappoint our loved ones, and we don’t want to fall short of our potential. This problem has forced so many of us to live a life we never wanted.

The Big Decision for Mentees

These are 3 challenges we face when planning for our future:

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Anxiety about choosing the “right” path

Let’s face it, deciding what to do with our life is a huge decision, and there are endless possibilities for what we could do.

Limited Network to turn to for feedback, validation, and advice
  1. We all could benefit from a little perspective when making big decisions. That’s hard to get without a network
Pressure to follow social norms and people please

Everyone has an idea about what we should, and this outside pressure could make it difficult for us to live authentically.

Our solution

“We’ve got your back”

For Mentees

At wayahead, you’re free to explore your future on your terms. You can find mentors based on job title or industry, what school they went to, whether they served in the military, and so much more. We want you to see yourself in the mentors you connect with to empower you to truly explore whether a particular path is right for you. 

For mentors

wayahead makes it super easy to connect you with mentees. You no longer need to commit hours a week to change lives. Helping someone along and sharing information is as easy as sending a text.

We're looking for people from all different walks of life to join our community. You have something great to offer the world!


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