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wayahead is an amazing opportunity for you to make an impact on people’s lives. Your personal and professional experience is just what our mentees need. We’re looking for mentors from all walks of life with unique backgrounds, which is why you’re perfect for our community. There’s a mentee out there who is dying to talk with you!  

How does wayahead work?


a profile based on your experience, where you went to school, and anything else you bring to the table


with mentees who need your guidance, all from the convenience of your phone


valuable advice that changes lives, while helping your mentee reach the next level

Create a profile based on your experience

This could be anything. Did you serve in the military? Go to college? Or maybe you went straight to work after high school. Your profile will help mentees find you based on who you are and what you’ve done. 

Search for mentees

You can reach out to mentees you feel you’d be able to help and break the ice.

Create a todo list to help guide your mentees

We believe in action and accountability. You can create a todo list to help your mentee organize the work they need to put in to plan for their future. Get creative. Got an article they should read, or maybe an exercise you went through? Create a todo list and help your mentees along the way. 

Answer community questions

Adding to our community knowledge is another thing you can do on wayahead. Provide your unique insight by answering mentee questions.

Share your knowledge and earn badges and reputation points for engaging with our community

The more you use wayahead, the more points and badges you earn. These points are tied to cool giveaways, amazing events, and so much more. Additionally, we have opportunities for you to share your expertise across our community through webinars, guest blogs and vlogs, and more. 

What does wayahead offer our mentors?

Our app is a great way for people to give a little back. Being a mentor isn’t about a college degree, or fancy corporate titles. Being a mentor is all about your willingness to share your experience with the goal of helping someone else.

Regardless of what your experience is, there’s someone out there who would benefit from talking with you. We make sharing your experience super easy. We’re not asking you to give up your evenings or weekends, and you get to choose how involved you want to be.

We're looking for people from all different walks of life to join our community. You have something great to offer the world!


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