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wayahead is here to help you navigate your future. You’ll find mentors across every industry waiting to help you figure things out. You’ll also become a part of a community that helps each other while growing your own personal network

How does wayahead work?


a profile based on your aspirations and interests and change it whenever you’d like

You’re never locked into a certain path and we make sure you have the freedom to change your mind as you learn more about yourself.


with mentors who have answers to your questions 

You can search for mentors based on where they went to school, where they work, or something else entirely. And once you connect with a mentor, you can chat on your schedule and start building your network.


from people living a life you aspire to have and make informed decisions

The information you gain from your mentors will help you reach your goals. The connections you make will open doors throughout your life and career. 

What does wayahead offer our mentees?

Planning for our future is hard work. We have endless possibilities and tons of information to sift through. The pressure from trying to make the “right” decision makes things even harder, and the last thing we want to do is not live up to our potential. 

Our family and friends all have an idea about what they think is best for us, but their ideas don’t always line up with our goals. 

Sometimes all we need to make great decisions is a little perspective, which is exactly where wayahead comes in. 

Our team is committed to democratizing access to mentors.We want to ensure that you aren’t limited to your own personal network. Finding a mentor isn’t about going to college or pursuing certain types of jobs. With our app, you’ll find a mentor with personal and professional experiences that line up with what you want out of life. 

Regardless of what your goals are, there’s someone out there who can help you along the way. We make connecting with mentors super easy. You don’t have to give up your evenings or weekends, and things are always on your terms.

We're looking for people from all different walks of life to join our community. You have something great to offer the world!


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