How to Find A Mentor: Ultimate Guide!

How do you find a mentor and make it work? Here are five easy steps to keep in mind as we dig deeper:

  1. Select a Focus Area(s)
  2. Set a Timeframe
  3. List Possible Mentors
  4. Pick A Mentoring Method
  5. Ask!

During this process, we will go in-depth and discuss how to find  a mentor in specific fields and how to ask them. We will focus on finding the right mentor for your career, across industries, and through online platforms. This will serve as your handy guide in navigating through the corporate world.

Mentors play a crucial role in achieving your goals. You must choose someone who can help you achieve your full potential. They can either guide you to success or guide you to your detriment. Now, let’s spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

You will learn to look within your network, within your gender, in online platforms, and in specific industries. Let’s start now!

Where Can I Find a Mentor for Free? 

How to find a mentor | Wayahead

Start Within Your Network!

The grass is not always greener. Most of the time, you don’t have to look far to get what you need. Take a closer look at your circle. No need to look for someone new, you might just have a mentor in one, or two, of them.

  • A boss or former boss
  • A successful client
  • A current or former Professor/Teacher
  • Business influencers
  • Community leaders
  • Co-workers
  • others

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby

Choosing a person within your network makes the “ask” easy. There is no need to strategize, you can simply ask. In some cases, the mentoring relationship develops organically. Choose a person you admire and you already like.

Look Within Your Gender

People tend to gravitate towards their gender group. This is nothing new. Look around you, women cluster with women and men group together naturally.

Gender groups look out for each other. It is also easier to approach and open up to someone of the same gender.

There is this natural bond. So it is understandable if you get a person within your gender to mentor you.

Look for leaders, influential people, and successful professionals within your gender for a potential mentor.

Empowered Women

Women in leadership positions are great mentors. Their strong mentorship will give you an advantage at any stage of your career.

They cannot just help you with career paths and directions, but they can help you deal with gender-related challenges and anything new to you in the workplace.

When asking an empowered woman to mentor you, avoid asking upfront if she is willing to take you under her wing. Start with an invitation to coffee or lunch.

Ask to pick their brain for an idea or something they experienced. This way, you get a glimpse of how your relationship would work, at the same time avoid getting a stern “no” off the bat.

Successful Men in Specific Industries

Men take pride in mentorship. Most successful men take on protegees.

They like the idea of passing on their legacy and their secret formula to success to a younger generation. You might just be that person for them. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Reminder: You want someone to mentor you, not turn you into their clone.

When it comes to asking men to be your mentor, getting directly to the point always works. When asking them, make sure that they know how much you admire them and point out the reasons why you want them to help you. Men like getting straight to the point, but they love their compliments too!

Look within the industries | Wayhead

Look Within Specific Industries

When you are aiming for career advancement, you’ll do well with the guidance of a mentor within the same industry. Their expertise, experience, wisdom, and influence is gold!

A good business mentor is hard to find. You may find many potential candidates as the business world does not lack of successful business professionals. But finding a good working business mentorship is hard. Finding a good match is not as ways as you may think.

How to Find a Mentor for Your Career?

The mentor business is tricky. Your options are plenty but the right match is hard to find. So, start with your office, if there is none, look within your field of specialty or your industry.

Make a shortlist. Take a look at their career paths and see if it is in line with your career goals. Some potential mentors are:

  • CEOs whose career you want to follow or emulate
  • Industry Leaders
  • Influential Clients
  • Boss or Former Boss
  • Department Heads
  • Co-workers
  • Others

Some of them may be easier to approach than others. You have to adjust your approach depending on how close you are to the person. For those that you do not interact with regularly or at all, setting an appointment is necessary.

Sometimes you have to jump through hoops just to get that initial meeting. It will all be worth it.

How to Find a Mentor Entrepreneur or A Mentor for Business?

Becoming a successful business professional takes time, money, planning, and effort. You will also need ample guidance and plenty of support. Who better to do that than an established and successful successful entrepreneur?

The secret in finding a mentor is knowing what to look for:

  • Self-made Businessmen
  • Vendors or suppliers
  • Industry Leaders
  • Competition

Make a shortlist. Take a look at their career, how they built their business from the ground up, how they got there, and their attitude towards success. Observe. It is highly likely that you will find a good mentor on the list.

When you have chosen a mentor, make sure you plan your approach. Entrepreneurs are busy. Good entrepreneur mentors, more so.

People of this caliber will not waste their time on someone who is not prepared and has not done their due diligence. Follow the following steps:

1. Research – know their history, hobbies, schedule, favorite restaurants, and anything that can help you get a “Yes!”

2. Befriend their Gatekeepers or VA person – Before asking for an appointment, get in the good graces of their secretaries and receptionist. These are the people who filter the calls, emails, and set the meetings.

3. Set an Appointment – Important people like to feel special and respected. Instead of asking directly, set a time, take them out to lunch. Show them that you respect and admire them by planning the meeting.

4. Ask – Be sincere. Build up the conversation leading to the ask but always be sincere.

How to Find a Sales Mentor

Make a list of all sales leaders who impress you most, within and outside your company, like:

  • CEOs
  • Sales Managers in and outside your company
  • Top Sellers in your company and Top Sellers in your field or industry
  • Sales Pioneers
  • Sales and Marketing Leaders

Evaluate their achievements and factor in the following:

  • Their GOALS (before and after success)
  • Professional Approach
  • Character

Knowing these three factors will not just let you know that a mentoring relationship is possible, it will also give you an idea on how to approach them and ask.

How to network and finding a mentor in Real Estate?

Identifying a potential mentor in real estate is easy. There is only a handful of people who have excelled in the real estate business. Unfortunately, this means you have plenty of competition. Once you have chosen a mentor, plan your ask.

Real estate professionals are all about presentation, Just like the properties they manage and sell, they will be impressed by how you present yourself and your potential.

Here are some tips:

  • Dress well.
  • Be articulate.
  • A little flattery will go a long way.
  • Be sincere.
  • Did we mention flattery?
  • A small token or gift will be noticed.

How to Find a Fitness Mentor

Health and wellness is a big industry that offers a lot of opportunities. Breaking through can be tough. You need a fitness mentor who has been there and done that!

The good news is, it is not as hard to ask a fitness mentor compared to mentors from other industries. When you have set your eyes on a potential candidate, get on their radar by attending their seminars or fitness coaching.

Find ways to interact with them. Fortunately, this is easy. Most fitness mentors have programs that are interactive. These will give you windows of opportunities to ask them to mentor you.

How to Find a Spiritual Mentor

Spiritual guidance can help enhance and elevate our personal and professional life. A good spiritual mentor can benefit a person in more ways than one. Spiritual wellness will not just improve one’s lifestyle choices, it will spill over to work and career too.

Where to look?

  • Church or Religious congregation
  • community or groups
  • schools and universities
  • others

Your spiritual mentors are usually:

  • Religious leaders
  • Community elders
  • Older co-worker
  • Boss and Teachers
  • Spiritual leaders
  • Others

How to spot a mentor in High School?

High School is a critical stage in your development as an adult. It is crucial that you find someone who can provide the right influence. Finding a good mentor could mean the difference between your future success or detriment.

Here are some of the people you should consider asking to be your mentor:

  • Teachers/Professors
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Principals
  • Senior Students
  • Sports Coach
  • An Older Relative
  • Parents
  • Community Leaders
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • Others

Look Online

Look Online | Wayahead

The internet is a great resource for your mentoring needs if you know where to look. It saves you time, money, and the hassle of calling and traveling to meetings. Why not take advantage of it?

How to look for a Mentor on Linkedin?

Linkedin gives professionals easy access to important people and connections. It is a great place to look for help and discover new business relationships, potentially and mentorship.

When looking for a mentor in Linkedin, follow these easy steps:

1. Look for Relevant PeopleLinkedin makes it possible to connect to the right people. In this case, the right mentor. You can search for people by industry, the field of expertise, or people who are doing what you want to do.

2. Present Yourself Properly – It is all about presentation. Make a presentable profile before you start connecting and talking to your potential mentor. You want to catch their attention but be truthful.

3. Research – Look for successful people who are doing the job or business you dream of. Get as much information about them as you can. The more you know about them, the easier it is to connect and establish a relationship.

4. Connect – Connect in a meaningful way. Do not use message templates. Avoid sounding monotonous. Don’t forget to:

  • Be personal.
  • Be short and concise.
  • Appreciate them but do not exaggerate.
  • Be brief in explaining your goals and how they can help you.
  • Always say “Thank you!” at the end of every message.
  • Follow them on Linkedin but DO NOT stalk.

5. Establish boundaries – If they are interested, ask how much time they are able to give you. Set a schedule and method of communication, based on their convenience.

6. Show Gratitude – Don’t just say it. Show it through actions. How? By listening to their advice and taking action. Foster the relationship by taking their counsel seriously. An occasional card or gift will also do the trick.

How to search Reddit for a potential mentor

Reddit is another powerful social media platform you can use to look for a mentor. It is a community-building platform that allows you to connect to the right people with bonus content that can help you advance in whatever field you are interested in.

You can go on forums and discuss important topics, connect with potential mentors, and establish a good relationship with someone that is a good match for your mentoring needs and your character.

What we are hoping you take away from this is the importance of finding the right mentor(s). Whether you need one, two, or more, finding the perfect match is crucial. Remember though, mentors are meant to help, assist, and guide, they will not achieve your goals for you, You Still have to put in the work.

Good thing, Wayahead allows you to skip all the hassle of researching and strategizing to get a mentor. Wayahead provides a platform where you can connect to mentors from all over the globe across all industries with various expertise. They are waiting and ready to guide you. All you have to do is download our app and sign up.

With Wayahead, you are a few clicks away from a great working relationship with your mentor. What are you waiting for?

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June 22, 2020



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