Do your part to influence a young professional today.

If you want to empower young people, there is an easy way to do just that. Serving as a mentor could potentially be the most fulfilling thing you’ve done in a long time. It allows you to share your experiences as a seasoned professional with people who are just starting their career training. It allows you to shape the road they travel in life by supplying them with sound professional advice that can help further their careers.

How to Have the Best Mentorship Experience

Some ways for you to be an excellent mentor include:

Listen and observe.

You can learn a lot about a person by the information that they provide to you virtually. Setting judgment aside, simply listen and observe the exchange taking place. Ask questions for clarity. Empower the young professional by being a role model that they can look up to at all times.

Provide clear examples of experiences so the mentee can recreate them.

Your successes in life must be ones that your mentee can experience, too. When giving advice, also provide direction. Use steps and processes to illustrate the availability of achievement. Keep in mind that everyone is different. They may need additional assistance with goal-setting and accountability.

Give your mentee your attention.

Be the type of person that stands up to the challenge. Make your mentee feel good by helping them be heard and giving them the moral support needed to pursue their dreams. Make it very clear when you’re available to chat so that there is no confusion.

Ask what they hope to gain from the mentoring experience.

Everyone has a plan when it comes to pursuing a career.  It’s helpful to learn what your mentee hopes to gain from the experience. That way, you’re not missing the mark when providing them with information. They may have particular needs that require attention. It’s up to you to ask the right questions so you can be of the most help to the person you’re mentoring.

Be willing to provide a reference for your mentee when asked.

At some point in their professional career, a mentee will need a professional reference. Be willing to provide them with one. You can easily write a quick letter in response to the request or even be willing to supply your phone number to a future employer to help the mentee out. Although it may not seem like a big deal to do, it could potentially launch a person’s career, which is vital to their success and well-being.

Become a Better Mentor with Every Person You Provide Guidance To

Being the best mentor you possibly can be can significantly help shape a young person into a successful professional. Remember that you once were in their shoes, and now you’re fully capable of influencing their decisions and career choices. By following the advice listed above, you’re able to prepare yourself for the next group of mentees that ask for your assistance. The way that you mentor improves because of your open mind and willingness to continue learning.