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What is a mentor Looking at it from mentee's perspective What is a mentor | Wayahead

What Is A Mentor? A Comprehensive Guide

A mentor is someone who can guide and help you achieve your goals. Why do you need one? Learn more.

What skills do you need to be a peer mentor | Wayahead

Are You Ready? Read the Complete Guide on How to be a Mentor

The main focus and purpose of mentoring is to help your mentee succeed. Learn how to become the best mentor to your mentee. Read more.

What are the 3Cs of mentorship | Wayahead

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor

Asking someone to be your mentor takes some preparation. Obviously, your goal is always to increase your chances of getting a resounding “Yes!”, but that takes strategy and some creativity. 

Who are currently the top mentoring programs Mentorship Programs | Wayahead

Learn the Basics about Peer Mentoring Programs

Peer mentoring is quite different from typical mentoring. It connects two people of like age and that have related interests and goals. Read more.

What is a mentor from a mentees perspective | Wayahead

Facts About Youth Mentoring Programs

A youth mentoring program is designed to match a mentor with a mentee. Its purpose is to create a purposeful and positive relationship between the two.

Core Values of a mentor | Wayahead

Uplifting Mentoring Quotes from the Past to the Present

Being mentored has a lot of benefits. It can improve your mood or change your life perception. The following are some of the most famous mentoring quotes.

How to find a mentor

The Most Essential Mentoring Skills

There are many reasons to develop mentoring skills. Being a mentor is an important responsibility, it requires learning specific set of skills to excel.

Question to ponder Do I need a mentor or a coach | Wayahead

Coaching vs. Mentoring: They Are Not as Alike as You May Think

Mentoring and coaching though seem similar, but each has its own different roles and approach. Learn more.

What is Reverse Mentoring Reverse Mentoring | Wayahead

How Reverse Mentoring Can Help You In 2020

Reverse mentoring can have profound benefits for employees and their organizations, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Learn more.

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