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Working together to create the wayahead! 

At wayahead, we democratize mentorship.

We make sure everyone has access to a mentor regardless of their background.

We’re creating a platform for the underserved and underrepresented communities to ensure they have equal access to the best mentors on the planet.

What we believe in…


Our mission is to make sure that every person who joins our community finds a mentor that changes their life.


Gen Z will have on-demand access to mentors they connect with on a human level to get answers to their questions


Mentees will find mentors from every career field and walk of life on wayahead. Our mentees will have the freedom to explore the endless possibilities available

What wayahead can do for you?

See yourself in your mentors

We want our mentees to see themselves in the mentors they meet. Each and every person has something that makes them unique. Whether it’s their race, culture, or something else entirely, we want to show you that there’s someone

Become a part of a community

Connect with as many mentors as you need to reach your goals. You can also join masterminds based on your goals, interests, and background and help support your fellow mentees. 

Change the narrative

Mentorship shouldn’t be limited to who your parents are friends with or have access to. We believe true mentorship needs to be driven by a community that cares–a community that understands the importance of building partnerships

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Our primary mission is to share knowledge to help people make the best decisions and live a fulfilled life

– Angel Santiago

We're looking for people from all different walks of life to join our community. You have something great to offer the world!


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